Having your nudes leaked in 2014 as a celebrity is like spilling a glass of water in a restaurant

Sure a bunch of people will look because you’ve grabbed their attention, but everyone stops caring about 30 seconds from when it happened. 

With that being said, doesn’t mean a mess wasn’t made, you may have shattered some glass, but you can always clean it up.

No need for everyone to tweak or become savages over a pair of tits. It doesn’t make a person any lesser when their private information is exposed to the public. Good god. Some of you need to get a grip.

And yes, I really did just try to get deep for some of you fake ass Tumblr philosophers, but to put it lightly, I’m really just trying to say fuck off. The girl didn’t commit a heinous crime. Don’t ridicule someone you know nothing about, you’d hate to be in that position.

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31.Aug.14 1 day ago
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Shoutout to the 1 or 2 men left in the world that still like titties more than ass
Y’all the real MVPs

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Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy.

Mother Teresa  (via sadgirl1017)

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