My life is in shambles ahahahahAhhAhhhahaAhahhaAha

20.Aug.14 2 days ago

Females always be fucking annoying me these days

Why are we always in a competition to see who’s the “baddest”??
I swear I can’t admire a chicks beauty from afar without getting mugged back
I can’t tell a girl she’s pretty without it supposedly having venom behind my words or cruel intention

Really like,
Shit is not that deep.

I don’t want to fight you.
I have no intentions of “stealing” your man.
I’m not trying to bite your style.

Just refuckinglax.
Ya’ll be thinking like a bunch of high schoolers.
Not every female is trying to compete with you.
Sometimes we are genuinely trying to appreciate the person you are.
Woman to woman.

16.Aug.14 6 days ago
16.Aug.14 6 days ago